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I’m Dr. Holly Tett.

If you’ve landed here you are likely a devoted dog guardian or fellow force-free dog professional.

As a dual-trained clinical psychologist and dog behaviourist, I support both groups of people (and their dogs!).

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Feel more in control of your emotional triggers

It can be hard to achieve positive change with your dog, when you’re so overwhelmed with everything you want to work on together! Join my most popular training for free & learn how to beat overwhelm for yourself, so you can better support your dog

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Our Mission at
Paws Up Dogs

To share your life with a dog is an honour and a privilege. However, bringing up a puppy or rehomed dog isn’t without it’s challenges sometimes.

These challenges might look like tricky behaviours or emotions from your dog, or tricky behaviours or emotions from you (anxiety, overwhelm, frustration etc).

That’s why our sole purpose is to help people and dogs to communicate better, learn to listen to each other and to make positive change from a place of kindness and compassion.

We work directly with dog guardians and also support dog trainers & behaviourists to work with their own clients in a Trauma Informed Way.

Trauma Informed Working means that we are always seeking to make sure everyone in the relationship (the dog, their caregivers and the professional) feels listened to, supported and free to express themselves.

This builds a foundation of trust and lowers frustration (on both ends of the lead) so that dogs and people can share a more harmonious life together.

Our Motto: “Kindness Is Essential, Not Optional”, goes for people, as well as dogs!

The Five Star Rated Letters From Your Dog Podcast

 I don’t know about you but I grab podcast time when I’m cleaning, driving, or walking the dogs and Letters From Your Dog is a great companion for all of those times and more!

With a combination of actionable training tips, resources to help you understand and better communicate with your dog, an injection of human psychology and a dose of humour too, Letters From Your Dog is rapidly climbing the podcast charts and it’s ready and waiting for you and your headphones too!

We’ve even had listeners say “I don’t really do podcasts but I listen to yours every week!”

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Hi, I’m Holly

I help people who love and adore their dogs but sometimes feel a little confused, unsure or even frustrated by their dog’s behaviour, or where to get started with their training.

At Paws Up Dogs we specialise in building your Canine Connection, that amazing relationship with your dog that means you have a dog that WANTS to work with you, rather than training feeling like a battle.

Our force-free ethos and training plans make training simple, fun and effective, both for your dog and for you.

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