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In This Training You'll Learn...

  • How to reframe your experience of overwhelm to channel it in a positive way, rather than a negative
  • How to know the difference between when to take a break and when to push yourself so you can make progress without burn out
  • The simple framework for managing and overcoming your overwhelm in the long term, so that you can still function even on the hardest of days
  • The easy, in the moment hacks , to help you to get out of fight or flight and back into the calm, logical business owner mindset

DR. HOLLY TETT (and Squid)

Clinical Psychologist, Dog Behaviourist & Dog Business Coach

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What previous participants have said about our workshops for dog professionals

I wanted to take a second to say thanks so much for running this training and providing such a safe space for me to explore something that has plagued me for so long – overwhelm! 
I really enjoyed the focus is gave me and I have left with some real skills to put into practice –

– Melanie

Amazing teaching, thank you Holly! I always learn so much from these and appreciate how much you share in a way that doesn’t feel overwhelming either (ha!)

– Sophia

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