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Trauma informed working is a kinder experience for the dog and the human caregivers….and it’s often the missing link and the reason “regular” training techniques aren’t working.

When we aren’t considering the short and longer term trauma history of the dog (and the human too!), we are missing a huge part of their reasons for thinking, feeling and behaving as they do.

Trauma can have a huge and life-changing impact on our ability to learn, process new information and cope with difficult feelings and experiences, and looking at training through this lens reduces frustration and emotional pain on both ends of the lead!

Join me, Dr Holly Tett (Clinical Psychologist & Dog Behaviourist), for this free webinar:


It's all pre-recorded so you don't need to stress about timings and can watch at your leisure

Together we will look at:

  • The benefits of working with dogs in a trauma informed way
  • The role of our trauma, as people, and how to begin to overcome triggers

  • The Trauma Informed Triangle and how to work with trauma, rather than against it

  • Learning how to better support yourself and your dog as a team, without judgement

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