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Build a deep and loving connection with your dog, so they actually WANT to listen to you…for life!

Step by step guidance and individualised support from me to help you and your dog progress, without spending hours every day training, or becoming overwhelmed with an endless “to do” list

Learn How To Achieve Rock Solid Focus From Your Dog...For Life

Discover How To Achieve A Rock Solid Connection With Your Dog...For Life

Measuring, tracking and continually building your connection with your dog is hands down the fastest and most fun path to incredible training results (in REAL LIFE, not just in training sessions).

 …And the Canine Connection Roadmap show you exactly how to do it!

 Learn how to truly understand your dog and strengthen your relationship. Nurture a dog who WANTS to listen to you, who feels safe to express themselves and who you can effectively communicate with, in order to meet BOTH of your needs

The truth is that parenting your dog can be hard work and it can feel totally overwhelming. Lots of dog parents find themselves in tears on more than one occasion, or feel so frustrated that they accidentally raise their voice at their dog, without meaning to. 

If you’re anything like the clients that come to me for help, you want your dog to have the best possible life with you, however, understanding their quirks and triggers can be difficult sometimes, leading to stress on both ends of the lead. I’ve been there myself with my own dog, so I know how this can take a toll on your relationship together and your own mental wellbeing.

In Canine Connection we care about the emotional wellbeing of your dog AND YOU TOO.

This is why we work in a Trauma Informed Way. This means that past experiences that either you or your dog have had could be impacting how you feel in the present and how you work together. We teach you how to be aware of your triggers to help you and your dog to feel safe and secure in your relationship together.

"Training Mode" vs. The Real World

Do you have a dog that can do things pretty well when you're training but struggles to use those skills in the real world?

This is such a common struggle for dog parents and it’s not that you’re doing training “wrong”. It’s not even just adding in distractions that makes things harder for your dog.

It’s just that there’s a really important ingredient that is so often missed when you attend a class or watch a demo video online.

And that is adapting your training to build a connection that fits the needs of YOUR individual dog.


  •  Measure your current training connection with your dog so you know exactly where to start!
  •  Understand the needs and desires of your dog as well as examining your training style to see how you can improve as a team
  •  Find a mutual way of communicating better together to lower frustration on both sides
  •  Translate what you are doing together in training sessions to real life situations (that rock solid connection that can overcome ANY distraction)

Because when you don’t have a trainer living in your house to give you individualised advice (as most of us don’t!) trying to figure it all out on your own can mean progress is SLOW.

It can also lead to a very serious and compulsive condition known as MGS “midnight google scroll” for dog training answers and that’s not fun for anyone!

There’s no need for the MGS when you can do a quick search for answers in the Canine Connection members portal or jump in the group & get your question answered.

Canine Connection is more than just a library of training exercises

Instead, it’s individualised support when you need it, with a clear Road Map to take you and your dog from where you are now to where you want to be, with both your training & your relationship! 

Moving away from struggles, stress and frustration and towards fun, progress and success!

But more than that, the CC is about feeling part of a community of pet parents that have your back. Because training can feel lonely sometimes and we are always better together

Inside Canine Connection we make it easy for you to find what you need

You can either search for something specific (e.g. “counter surfing”, “recall” or “anxiety”) or you can work with your dog using one of our connection pillars.

We also have transcripts and subtitles for all our videos and PDF guides describing exercises for those that cannot see or who don’t like to watch videos.

What you’re getting inside
Canine Connection:

Canine Connection is your complete guide to training your dog, no matter what it is you are working on…from focus, to recall, to trick training, to barking, to overexcitement, to separation anxiety. The list is endless!

We start by identifying where you are on the “Connection Roadmap” (you can do this in your welcome call with Holly if you want!) & then it’s just a case of making your individualised training plan to propel you forward!

All our training is designed to be taken at yours (and your dog’s) pace, so you can practice the training stress-free and ask for any support you need before moving on.

Your Membership Includes:

 Instant access to the CC Membership Hub where you will see all your training resources & will receive a new resource each week

Live group coaching every other week for real time training support. Jump on a call and get your questions answered (includes searchable replays – find your answer quickly if you’re in a rush!)!

Instant access to the private community: The Private Canine Connection Members Lounge, where you can touch base and get support from me , the Paws Up Team and your fellow members and share your training wins!

Free access to Paws Up Dogs paid specialised workshops & discounts on other programmes

Regular Mini Challenges join in whenever you fancy an intensive 5 day training boost

PLUS immediate access to one of my most popular courses: Zen Dog: 30 Days To A Calmer Dog (retailing at £197 when sold as a standalone course) for as long as you remain a member

Introducing Canine Connection!

Canine Connection isn’t a traditional, boring dog training course.

Instead it’s your complete blueprint to bringing up a happy, loving, four-legged member of your family!

There are no time pressures and you can’t “get behind’, just take everything at your own pace.

You can practice the training games stress-free and then ask for any feedback you need from me before moving on

If you're someone that struggles with motivation & needs some accountability you can reach out at any time..

….or work from one of our training pillars below…

Focus Fun

  • Learn how to teach wonderful focus with your dog regardless of the situation! Think recall, lead walking, sports and more!

Calm Confidence

  • The ability to be calm and confident is such a strong basis for a happy dog that you can take anywhere. We work with noise sensitivity, “reactivity”, new places etc.

Demolishing Distractions

  • It’s all very well teaching your dog a skill, but it can be disappointing when it goes out of the window in the face of distraction. Learn how to communicate with your dog even when there’s a bird/bike/squirrel/stranger etc.

Five Star Bond!

  • Training should be fun…for both of you! We have so many awesome little games that you and your dog can play together to take your relationship to the next level

Your Magic Connection Ingredients

  • This section is all about support for you, understanding your own emotional triggers and reactions in relation to your dog and also how to overcome frustration, motivation dips and more! I’m a chartered clinical psychologist so all advice in this section is backed by science and comes from a credible source

Get started with an incredible connection with your dog today!

You might be thinking “well of course the training works for YOU, you’re a dog trainer”

I am a certified behaviourist now and I love sharing my Connection Roadmap with other canine parents but this all started because of my own wonderful little rascal and the many challenges that he brought up for me.

This lovely lad was full of love but a real challenge to train. He was hyper 23 hours of the day, had severe separation anxiety, he stole everything within paw height, counter surfed, pulled on the lead, barked at other dogs, was distracted by everything in sight, mouthed HARD and was generally as mischievous as a sprite!

I took him to puppy classes, adolescent classes, had behaviourists in, googled every term imaginable and had MANY a sleepless night.

I came to realise though, that in some situations, we just didn’t understand each other, there was a break in the connection. And although he bounced around and wagged his tail whenever I came in the room it was more over-excitement than evidence of a trusting and secure bond.

The Connection Road Map that you’ll learn in Canine Connection turned that around and now we have a wonderful partnership that I hope will continue for many years to come.

Canine Connection is Pretty Special...

Here's a snapshot at our members' success!

Get started with Canine Connection today!

“How much does Canine Connection cost?”

‘When it comes to dog training the mistake a lot of people make is to think it will be cheaper to just pick up some tips on YouTube or to wait and hope that their dog becomes more confident, learns to focus, or grows out of their more challenging behaviours over time.

As we know, the problem with the YouTube search is that there are a million different solutions and none are suggested with YOUR dog in mind.

The problem with waiting for your dog to “grow out of it” or “grow into it” is that a) they might not and b) you both suffer in the meantime.

As you’ll know from the challenge, at Paws Up Dogs we teach skills based on building your connection with your dog. This is magical because they then WANT to listen to you, and it is no longer a fight. You get to build a rock solid life-long bond that is built on FUN!

And you can have access to all that great training know how for just £35/month,  or £350 for the year (2 months free)

That’s just over £1 a day and about a tenth the cost of a single behavioural consult, for training that you can access every, single day!

Canine Connection gets better and better each month and so the price goes up periodically (we are only open for new members a couple of times a year) but you’ll lock in this price now forever. For as long as you remain a member in good standing, the price will never increase for you.

  • We believe in Canine Connection and the results our training can get for you and your dog. For monthly members, when you and your dog are ready to move on and go it alone, simply email with 48 hours notice and we will cancel for you at no charge. For annual members we have a 30 day money back guarantee and will always send you out a renewal reminder ahead of time to see if you’d like to remain a member.

  • – Dr Holly Tett – An HCPC Registered Clinical Psychologist, Clinical Animal Behaviourist and a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (UK). Membership No: 01432

Investment Options

You have two options when you jump into Canine Connection today


£ 350
  • Personalised and dedicated Connection Roadmap to take you & your dog from where you are now to where you want to be with your training
  • Weekly training resources available
  • Fortnightly group coaching calls for individualised support
  • Exclusive members only support and progress group
  • Access to my Zen Dog Programme for as long as you're a member
  • Access to Paws Up Dogs specialised workshops and discounts on other programmes and services
  • Access to motivational training challenges
  • No increase in membership rate for as long as you are a member
  • Two months free!


  • Personalised and dedicated Connection Roadmap to take you & your dog from where you are now to where you want to be with your training
  • Weekly training resources available
  • Fortnightly group coaching calls for individualised support
  • Exclusive members only support and progress group
  • Access to my Zen Dog Programme for as long as you're a member
  • Access to Paws Up Dogs specialised workshops and discounts on other programmes and services
  • Access to motivational training challenges
  • No increase in membership rate for as long as you are a member


You’ll Also Receive My Full Calm Dog Programme

Zen Dog: 30 Days To A Calmer Dog

Retailing at £197.00


When you Join Us

Zen Dog: 30 Days To A Calmer Dog

  • 30 Days of amazing training games for a calmer dog and a more peaceful household
  • INCLUDING: Noise Sensitivity Solutions Workshop
  • INCLUDING: Masterclass: Quick & Easy Tips for Dog That Bite & Mouth When Excited
  • INCLUDING: My Kong Recipe Book


For the first 5 people who sign up to join us....

You Will Get A Free 15 min Digital 1:1 with Holly valid for a whole year! #first50

So, Let’s Recap!

When you join Canine Connection you get instant access to the whole library of training resources - demo videos, workshops and exercises and motivational tips that will really strengthen your connection with your puppy and sky rocket your training success!

Is Canine Connection right for me?

Here are the answers to some common questions

Time is precious! Fortunately each of the training games are designed to be played for under 2 mins a day. You also have access to the materials for as long as you’re a member, so take it at your pace

The great thing about the CC is that it offers “real life training”. Rather than just teaching “sit”, “down”, “stay” like a lot of classes do, Canine Connection is designed to tackle some of those real-life struggles and to set your dog up for success. You also get access to personalised training on the live coaching calls and in the members group so we can offer solutions to the difficulties you might be having with your dog, when you need them


The members’ community is a wonderful place full of like-minded individuals who will be going through similar stages with their dogs as you are. There’s nothing like the support of someone else in the trenches!

I have complete faith that the skills you will learn in Canine Connection will help you and your dog. That is why we take the risk of investing away. Annual members get a 30 day money back guarantee and monthly members can cancel your membership  at any time, no questions asked.

We use a variety of different dogs in our training game demos, showing examples of dogs learning things for the first time, or breaking a skill down into tiny components. The training games are so simple to teach that you will see some easy wins with your dog in no time, just like you did in the challenge!


We know everyone learns differently. That’s why our training games have both a video component and also a pdf written success ladder, to help you learn and progress the skills. You can also ask your questions in written format via the members group

Yes! I’m in the Facebook group every, single week day answering your questions. You can also speak to me directly on one of our group coaching calls

Please don’t worry! We provide. a video walk through of the members portal to show you around. Everything is designed to be very intuitive so that you can find things easily and if you get stuck you can always ask for help! 

Believe it or not I used to HATE being on video…so I get it! No is the answer. You don’t have to share your videos. I recommend you film your training so you can see where to make changes, but you only share what you want to

I can’t vouch for other training programmes, but put simply, Canine Connection shows you exactly how to achieve wonderful results with your dog training and a life-long bond without the need for any special equipment, unkind or aversive methods, or months of stress. We care about you and your dog and want to be there for you every step of the way

Here’s what I know…

There’s nothing more powerful than being in an environment with other people who are doing the same thing.. because all it takes is one idea to spark the “breakthrough”. It’s never too late to start.

Still got questions? We're here for you - just drop an email over to [email protected]

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