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 Canine Connection Training & Support Membership


Just £300 for the year!

Special Bonuses:

  1. Access to Zen Dog: 30 Days To A Calmer Dog for free (Normal Price £197)

  2. FREE 15 min consultation with Holly (normally £32)

What you get when you join Canine Connection:

  1. Instant access to the whole library of training resources – demo videos, workshops and exercises and motivational tips that will really strengthen your connection with your dog and sky rocket your training success!

  2. PLUS you get access to the CC community where you’ll be welcome to share your struggles, as well as your wins and get support from others in the trenches!

  3. Twice monthly LIVE group coaching sessions to answer all and any questions, clear up any doubts and keep you motivated and on track!

  4. Access to the searchable members vault (have a question but can’t make the coaching call? No worries, you can search your question and will be taken to the EXACT MOMENT that I answer your question in the video recording {a huge time saver!})

  5. And of course instant access to those amazing bonuses worth £229 alone!

Canine Connection is a judgement-free zone to support your and your dog to make positive change together.

If you need help with a payment plan for this deal, please email [email protected]

8 Week Reactive Dog Support Camp


Just £97 (76% off!)

What you get when you join The 8 Week Dog “Reactive” Support Camp

  1. 8 live 60 min group teaching sessions. Learn how to better support your dog sensitive dog, so they feel safer and calmer in the presence of other dogs (sessions are held every week from 10th January at 5pm GMT and are recorded)

  2. Simple training guidance AND support for you to better manage your own emotions around your dog’s big emotional reactions

  3. Judgement-free support group for day to day questions and back up for the full 8 weeks (not on Facebook)

Limited spaces. Page will close when full.

Finally tackle your dog’s anxiety around other dogs in a trauma informed way that helps you both feel emotionally better.

If you need help with a payment plan for this deal, please email [email protected]

Trainer In Your Pocket


Just £60 (76% off!)

What you get when you register for Trainer In Your Pocket!

  1. An entire month of weekday individualised 1:1 support messenger for you and your dog

  2. Message me as many times as you like with questions, to review training plans or videos, to debrief after sessions, or just to vent!

  3. Perfect if you are working through mental health or behavioural difficulties with your dog

Limited spaces (page will close when full)

Finally get the accountability and individualised support you need to make positive change with your dog, or to discuss your own difficult emotions.

If you need help with a payment plan for this deal, please email [email protected]

The “Get It All” Bundle!

Best Value


Just £397 (Save another £60 over buying separately!)

  1. A year’s subscription to Canine Connection

  2. The 8 week “Reactive” Dog Support Group

  3. A month of Trainer In Your Pocket Access

Limited spaces (page will close when full)


If you need help with a payment plan for this deal, please email [email protected]

Our Mission At Paws Up Dogs

To share your life with a dog is an honour and a privilege. However, bringing up a puppy or rehomed dog isn’t without it’s challenges sometimes.

These challenges might look like tricky behaviours or emotions from your dog, or tricky behaviours or emotions from you (anxiety, overwhelm, frustration etc).

That’s why our sole purpose is to help people and dogs to communicate better, learn to listen to each other and to make positive change from a place of kindness and compassion.

We work directly with dog guardians and also support dog trainers & behaviourists to work with their own clients in a Trauma Informed Way.

Trauma Informed Working means that we are always seeking to make sure everyone in the relationship (the dog, their caregivers and the professional) feels listened to, supported and free to express themselves.

This builds a foundation of trust and lowers frustration (on both ends of the lead) so that dogs and people can share a more harmonious life together & trainers can help to facilitate this

Our Motto: “Kindness Is Essential, Not Optional”, goes for dogs, caregivers and trainers!

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