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Which dog do you have at the moment?

I’m So Excited!!!!!

Some puppers go past the point of no return when it comes to excitement and you just don’t exist in that moment.

Training Mode Tyke

Your dog sees you setting up to train them (think getting treats ready or setting up equipment) and you’re their entire world.

Take them out of “training mode”, however, and it’s like you don’t exist!

Dastardly Distractions

We’ve all been here!

Your dog is trotting perfectly by your side and then there’s the nemesis squirrel (or cat, dog, person, runner…you name it!) and they’re off!

Rescue Dog

Some rescues come raring to go. Others need time to build up some trust. Maybe it’s not there yet?

New Puppy

With the attention span of a teaspoon it can feel hard to get much focus from puppies at all!

Little Worrier

We all know how hard it is to concentrate when we’re worried or anxious about something – it’s no different for our dogs.

Sometimes they just can’t hear you when they’re feeling scared.

The Food Focused Floof

This is the pup who will do anything for a treat (or a toy) but ignores you if your hand isn’t halfway to the fridge.


The kind of focus and attention from your dog that others will be envious of…

Sound good? You’re in the right place!

Take the 7 day Bond Building Challenge and start you and your dog on the road to a fabulous partnership.

The result?

A dog who wants to learn with you, play with you and ultimately listen to you because YOU

I’ve been there....when I got my first lovely rescue dog he was a superstar in the quiet of my flat with a treat in my hand. Take him outside or add ANY level of distraction, however, and he was either an excitable or an anxious mess (dependent on the situation!).

I felt frustrated with him, frustrated with myself and also embarrassed that I apparently couldn’t manage my dog. I gave him affection, toys and “training” by the shed load but wasn’t really getting anywhere.

That strong bond was missing.

Focusing on our relationship through these simple bond building games turned everything around for us and now he’s my demo dog and a little superstar!

Having that strong bond helps with your dog’s focus, their recall, their loose lead walking, their destructive behaviours and many, many other common struggles.

And the best thing?

Your bond building e-book is completely free!

From pesky pooches to super dogs!!

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