Three Deep Dive Workshops Focusing On Why Humans & Dogs Behave As They Do, And How We Can Get To Know Each Other Better

WORKSHOP ONE Creating Safety

May 31st – 21:00 BST to 22:00 BST

Both dogs and people need to feel safe in order to learn & develop. In this workshop we'll discuss how to create a safe environment for you and your dog, focusing on attachment, expectations and more.

WORKSHOP TWO Freedom: What does it mean to you and your dog?

June 28th – 21:00 – 23:30

Freedom is a need within us all. In this workshop we discuss how to shape your dog's world to provide the most freedom possible

WORKSHOP THREE Freedom: (placeholder text currently) What does it mean to you and your dog?

June 38th – 21:00 – 23:30

Freedom is a need within us all. In this workshop we discuss how to shape your dog's world to provide the most freedom possible.

What’s included:
– Live discussion between our speakers
– Opportunity to ask questions
– All workshops will be recorded and made available to registrants, even if you can’t make it live

A little about our guests

Dr. Holly Tett

Dr. Holly Tett is a professional force-free behaviourist and certified clinical psychologist. She specialises in building the connection between people and their dogs from a science-based, attachment perspective. Holly advocates for working with your dog to be fun, not a chore and for humans and dogs to live a respectful, harmonious life together. She offers 1:1 support, as well as groups and has an array of hugely popular online programmes including her training membership programme for pet parents: Canine Connection and her membership for pet pros: The Dog Pros Support Circle

Laura Donaldson

I am a retired Ivy League professor (Professor Emeritus, Cornell University) who is also a canine behavior specialist. I hold a Ph.D. in the humanities (my favorite course to teach was called “Gone to the Dogs: The Canine in Literature and Culture”) and have done graduate work in applied animal behavior. I am a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant through the IAABC; a Karen Pryor Certified Training Partner; and a Certified Control Unleashed Instructor. In 2006, I founded Four Paws, Four Directions Dog Training & Behavior Consulting LLC and am located in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of Ithaca, New York (US). I focus almost exclusively on dogs struggling with dog-dog and dog-human directed aggression issues in my behavior consulting practice and via Zoom, offer virtual consulting to clients all over the world. I also teach both in-person and online Control Unleashed classes. I am a published writer on dog behavior and am very proud that my essay, “The Cognitive Revolution and Everyday Dog Training: The Case of Look at That,” won the 2018 Maxwell Medallion Award for best magazine article on dog training and behavior. This article, along with several others, is part of a forthcoming book titled “Growing ProSocial and Brain Powered Dogs: Cognitive-Behavioral Interventions for Canine Aggression.” My aim in this book is to bring the emergent research on canine cognition to the everyday practices of dog training and to explore more productive and effective ways to address canine aggression. I live with my husband, an African Gray Parrot named Obi, a twelve-year-old cat, a flock of Navajo Churro sheep and four dogs – two working Border Collies, a couch potato Golden Retriever and a Working Bearded Collie from the UK that I took in earlier this year and who is very much a work-in-progress.

Andy Hale

Andrew is a Certified Animal Behaviourist with the Association of INTODogs. He is the behaviour consultant for Pet Remedy and the British Isles Grooming Association. He also works to support many dog rescue organisations around the UK. With a degree and background in human psychology, Andrew is passionate about exploring the emotional experience that lies behind behaviour, both in dogs and the humans around them. 

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