“My dog hates other dogs and I don’t know what to do…..”

If this is something you’ve thought or said before please know that you are not alone.

Owning a “reactive” dog can come tied up with so many emotions: fear, embarrassment, guilt, overwhelm, frustration, anger…the list goes on.

When my dog was dog reactive I felt all of these things and more on a revolving basis and the judgement I so often felt from others did nothing to help.

I was embarrassed when my dog lunged and growled at other dogs walking past, seemingly minding their own business.

I was furious when a “don’t worry, he’s friendly” dog came running up to my on lead scared boy and then the other owner told ME off when he barked

I felt guilty that I wasn’t able to help my dog and worried that things were never going to change

I felt frustrated and angry that he couldn’t just be a “normal dog” and then guilty for thinking those things in equal measures

I tried treats, distance, 1:1 trainers. early walks, late walks, no walks, focus games…YOU NAME IT, I TRIED IT!

So if you have a reactive dog join my group Pesky Puppy Support Group here >>>


And catch tomorrow’s LIVE AT FIVE Q&A session where all be talking about how to help those anxious, reactive and LOVELY dogs. If you can’t make it at 5pm, no worries, there will be a replay.

Holly x

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