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Group Training Classes

Foundation Life Skills Group Class (suitable for puppies, rescues and dogs of all ages) (6x 45 min sessions)

Our small group classes are based on building a fantastic bond with your pup. We focus on 4 key areas that help you to shape your puppy/older dog into a companion to be proud of. These are:

  • Confidence
  • Bond building
  • Learning to listen
  • Learning to make great choices

Within these 4 areas we will focus on key skills such as building a great recall, being comfortable with new things, loose lead walking, teaching a drop cue and many, many more.

  • Includes life skills resources pack and technique worksheets

Our intermediate classes follow on from our foundation classes focusing on continuing to build and maintaining a fantastic bond with your pup.  (6x 45 min sessions).

We still focus on the 4 key areas seen in the Foundation Skills but hone in on skills such as:

  • Advanced Impulse Control in real life situations
  • Learning to listen in the face of distraction
  • How tricks can enhance your dog’s life
  • Scent work and intro to agility to work your dog’s brain!

We will also continue to enhance the skills you and your dog learnt during the foundation course.

  • Includes intermediate resources pack.

For more details:

Email: [email protected] or Call: 0737-8307-71

These 30 minute group workshops work on a specific but common doggie challenge e.g pulling on the lead or recall. Come along to one of our Saturday morning workshops in Bromley. Topic of the week and location will be announced by email each week.  Price: £8 (30 mins)

  • Email: info@pawsupdogs to book a spot

One-to-one Training

These one-to-one consultations are suitable for pups with more challenging behaviours or several behaviours that need addressing. Examples include severe separation anxiety, aggression towards dogs or other people, compulsive behaviours such as light chasing, spinning. 

  • Includes a free 20 minute phone consultation to address you and your dog’s needs and discuss what you would like to focus on in your training.
  • Initial face-to-face consultation in your home with your dog and those involved in their training (up to 2 hours)
  • Personalised training plan (including video demos) and ongoing email support

Get your puppy/new dog off to the best possible start with key skills and confidence building fun! Tailored around what you want to work on with your pup.

Option to book blocks of 1,2 or 3 sessions

  • Includes personalised pup training plan with video demos

A one hour class at home teaching fun and safe tricks! Tricks are great for building confidence, drive and developing a great bond between you and your dog! 

  • Includes personalised step-by-step trick guide

These online consultations are for dogs and their owners who live outside of London/Kent and even abroad. 

  • Includes a free 20 min skype or email consult to address you and your dog’s needs and discuss what you would like to focus on in your training
  • A skype consultation or web call (dependent on client facilities) with demo available.
  • Additional online consultations £40 per hour.
  • Personalised training plan sent via emai

Agility Training

The Awesome Agility Intro course is a 16 week programme for all owners who want to have amazing fun with their dog and learn a new sport together! Our small group classes are aimed at dogs that have had some basic training and need some further help to get all those techniques needed to excel at agility. We focus on the following skills:
  • Start line wait
  • Bomb proof recall
  • How to retrieve a toy
  • Balance
  • Focus
  • Working with distraction
  • Bed work (settling)
  • Targeting (running to a target)
  • Emergency stop
  • Agility commands
  • Basic jumping
  • Basic Tunnel Work
  • Object wrapping (how dogs learn to turn in agility)
  • Prep work for larger obstacles (seesaw, dog walk etc)
  • Basic dog handling skills for owners
This course is suitable for dogs aged from 5 months upwards (there is no heavy jumping, turning or use of the larger obstacles so younger dogs are welcome).

This rolling group class is suitable for dogs who have completed the 16 week Awesome Agility Intro course or who have had some prior agility training.

Each week we build on all the basic agility skills, learn how to improve technique, get faster and learn how to run new and exciting courses!

Suitable for dogs and owners who want to continue to build an amazing working relationship together!

Digital Training Courses

Canine Connection is your AMAZING monthly training membership. Watch your dog progress as you build an incredible training bond together, learn new skills & overcome difficulties. Includes a library of resources, new monthly training games and personalised coaching.

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Puppy Parenting 101 is your complete puppy training blueprint. This course takes you through the exact steps to raise a happy, healthy and well behaved pup and to develop a bond that will last a lifetime!

We focus on 4 key training areas to get your pup off to a fabulous start, offer a private facebook group for support and live coaching calls with Holly.

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Teach your dog to walk beautifully on the lead with this step by step online course. Watch your dog achieve this tricky skill by teaching them to love being close to you, to focus on you, to manage distractions and to be calm out and about.

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Hyper or excitable dog that finds it hard to settle? Whether you’re dealing with jumping up, barking, being excitable around guests or other dogs, you need this course. Teaching the exact steps to a calmer dog.

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News coming soon about our new group classes!

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