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Build a deep and loving connection with your puppy, & learn to manage your own emotions too, so that you share a lifetime of happiness together!

Step by step guidance and individualised support to help you and your puppy progress, without spending hours every day training, or becoming overwhelmed with an endless “to do” list

Not Just “Basic” Training But Your Complete Guide to Bringing up a Happy & Healthy Pup, With My Support When You Need Me

Learn how to truly understand your puppy and strengthen your bond. Nurture a pup who WANTS to listen to you and who you can take anywhere & trust in any situation

The truth is that bringing up a puppy is hard work and it can feel totally overwhelming. Lots of new puppy parents find themselves in tears on more than one occasion, or feel so frustrated that they accidentally raise their voice at their puppy, without meaning to. 

If you’re anything like the clients that come to me for help, you may have wondered if the biting will EVER STOP, because no matter how many times you re-direct them, they still want to bite your hands or arms over any toy! Or how to manage toilet training when you’ve just spent 15 mins outside and they still come in and pee on your carpet!

Looking after a puppy is a full time job (in addition to your existing job and other responsibilities) and we can feel a real pressure to “get it right”. That pressure, coupled with the exhaustion that comes with the 5am wake up call (!) might even have had you questioning if getting this puppy was the right choice. I get it, I really do, and I’ve been there too.

This is where lots of us turn to a local group class for help…..

The Thing Is….Training Class And The Real World Are Two Very Different Things

There is often a big gap between the progress you make in class and the beautifully trained dog we all want…

After working with thousands of puppies in face to face and online group classes I saw the same repeating pattern.

Pet parents and pups made some progress when “in class” (either virtual or “real life”) but it’s the “inbetween” classes that can be the tricky bit!

That’s because training groups are artificial scenarios. Your puppy is learning skills (if they can concentrate with the other dogs around anyway!) in a village hall that looks nothing like your home set up. That makes it really hard for them to apply what they know to real life situations.

The same goes for you as well. It’s all very well learning techniques but HOW to apply them when your puppy is barking wildly at a guest to the home, or chasing your cat is a different story. 

Not to mention that your sleep deprived brain may well forget what you learnt the minute you leave class to go home anyway!

Plus EVEN MORE importantly, it’s the troubleshooting that’s missing IN BETWEEN classes. Let’s say you attend puppy class on a monday but then on tuesday your puppy develops a new habit of whining whenever you leave the room, or eating their own poo (yes, it’s a thing). 

And the MOST IMPORTANT MISSING PART is that a one hour puppy class rarely focuses on the human side of training. The overwhelm, the frustration, the self doubt. The self-compassion and patience that we all need in order to thrive with our pups.

You have to wait an entire week for support, during which time your puppy is likely practicing (and getting better at) the thing that you’d like to stop.

That’s often when we try to figure it all out on our own, when the midnight google scroll for answers begins. We try a little bit of this thing we read, a little bit of that video we watched and nothing works because we end up confusing the puppy and ourselves! And the problem persists..or gets worse.

Tell me if any of these sound familiar….

  • You swing between feeling “ok” and totally overwhelmed with your puppy & it’s hard to manage
  • Your totally new to this and just want to make sure you’re doing right by your puppy
  • You love your pup but some of their pesky behaviours are really frustrating. You’ve tried lots of different things but NOTHING IS WORKING
  • You’ve already made some headway with training, but worry about how to progress and keep it fun for your pup so they don’t get bored and start to ignore you
  • You’ve had dogs in the past but never one quite like this one and it’s completely thrown you off!
  • Or maybe you’ve made a great start with your training but you want to learn more! How to build on things and how to keep succeeding!

If you can answer “Yes. That’s me!” to any of the above then keep reading. If not then maybe you’ve already got this puppy training thing down! Congrats my friend!

Building a solid foundation of trust and connection with your puppy is the single most important thing you can do...In order to do this though, you first have to understand your own emotional triggers and how to manage those...

✓ Learn how to better understand your own emotional traumas that are being triggered by your dog, and how to overcome them 

✓ Learn how to support your pup to stop unwanted behaviours with kindness and replace them with cool stuff you do want your dog to do!

✓ Start to see real-life training progress and gain confidence in your ability to train and bring up your pup without getting overwhelmed

Introducing Puppy Parenting 101!

Puppy Parenting 101 isn’t a traditional, boring puppy training course

Instead, it’s your complete blueprint to bringing up a happy, loving four-legged member of your family (and looking after your own needs in the process!).

There are 8 key modules and there is no rush, just take them at your own pace.

You can practice the training games stress-free and then ask for any feedback you need from me before moving on

Puppy Parenting 101 is Pretty Special...

But don't take my word for it...Here's what some of our successful students have to say

Let’s Check Out The Core Modules Inside The Programme!

How to get started WITHOUT getting overwhelmed

* Learn about how our past experiences and traumas can show up in a big way with our pups…and how to better manage this. Feel calmer and more in control of big emotions.

* Learn some simple hacks to combat overwhelm so that you and your puppy can progress through the programme and through life!


The Secret To Creating A Confidence Champion

  • * Develop real confidence in your puppy & nurture a future dog that is comfortable with other dogs, strangers, children, sounds, touch, grooming and new situations.
  • * Teach your dog how to manage social situations, so you can have guests to the home without too much excitement, take your puppy on holiday with you, or bring them along for coffee with a friend with barking, whining or chewing the table leg off!
  • Also learn how to grow your own confidence in your abilities as your dog’s parent and trainer

The Single Ingredient You Need Most - Creating Your Five Star Bond!

* Learn how to build an unbreakable training bond with your dog for life-long training success and a wonderful journey together, regardless of the adventures you take!

* Learn loads of cool skills to show off to friends and family!

*See how much fun AND how effective it is to put connection first!

Create a Focus Fiend!

* Teach your dog fantastic focus skills, whatever the distraction!

* Learn how to adapt the techniques that you use based on your dog’s stress level, excitement level or the environment that you are working in


Discover the art of dual-listening!

* Learn how to listen to your puppy’s communication and how also to communicate what you would like from them in return. This will reduce the frustration you feel when it seems your pup just WON”T LISTEN even when it seems he KNOWS what you’re asking

* Take a deep dive into understanding dog body language so you can read how your dog is feeling and reduce challenging behaviours such as barking and biting

The Art Of Calmness

* Learn how to create an “off switch” in your puppy, so they aren’t hyperactive ALL the time!

* Teaching your puppy “default calmness” rather than “default excitement” will make everything so much easier to manage at home and out and about

How To Troubleshoot Peskiness Without Damaging Your Connection

* Here we troubleshoot all those “naughty” little behaviours, from biting to chewing, barking to digging, stealing to jumping up!

* The important bit though, is learning how to do that without telling off, punishing, or damaging your connection with your puppy or dismissing their emotional needs

The Secret To Rock Solid Recall!

* Understand the common recall pitfalls and how to overcome them so you can enjoy chilled out, stress-free walks with your puppy

* Also learn how to solidify what your puppy has learnt when you hit the “teen phase”!

And That’s Why Puppy Parenting 101 isn’t just an online course. When you join, I'm here for you, to celebrate the wins and to support the tricky parts – think of me as the trainer in your back pocket!

Alongside the 8 fantastic modules, you also get a tonne of bonus materials covering solutions for common difficulties PLUS….

EIGHT WEEKS of week day messenger support, where we’ll explore any difficulties you might be having and I’ll give you an individualised plan to move work on with your pup!

Here’s what I know…

There’s nothing more powerful than being in an environment where you feel supported to learn something new..because you can quickly problem solve, work through challenging situations and celebrate your wins!

“OK, how much is the investment for the course? ”

When it comes to dog training, the mistake a lot of people make is to think it will be cheaper to just pick up some tips on YouTube or to just wait until their puppy has grown out of all their “naughty” behaviours.

As we know, the problem with the google search is that there are a million different solutions and none are suggested with YOUR dog in mind.

The problem with waiting for your puppy to “grow out of it” is that a) they might not and b) you SUFFER in the meantime (or your table legs do at least!). Plus what’s cute when they’re 5kg is less cute when they’re fully grown (yep, even if you have a tiny dog – you’ll find the tolerance of others wanes when your dog is no longer a cute puppy!).

On a more serious note, unfortunately, the cost of not investing in a strong dog-human connection and a solid foundation in confidence, can be a dog that’s reactive towards other dogs, or uncomfortable around kids and strangers. They might be scared of loud noises, or never quite crack their toilet training. Put simply, it can be a very unhappy situation.

BUT, if instead you learn how to understand your dog, teach them (in a way that also meets their needs) and most of all build a rock solid connection with them, then you’re all set! There is a heck of a lot of support baked into PP101 and it retails at only £397.

There’s also the option to split the payment into up to 6 installments!

For some comparison, many behaviourists charge £400 for a single consult and here you’re getting eight weeks of training content plus unlimited week day support!

Puppy Parenting 101 gets better and better each year and so the price goes up – but you’ll get any future updates for free. Plus we have a 30 day money aback guarantee. Just show us you’ve done the work but not had any results and we’ll happily refund in full.

Enroll in Puppy Parenting 101 today

2 monthly payments of £327 £227 (or pay in full and save)
(Just £227 today)

For questions or help with your purchase email Paws Up Customer Support at [email protected]

I don’t want unhappy customers. If you aren’t getting the results you’d hoped for just send a video of your dog playing one of the games from each module, and we’ll happily give you a full refund!

– Dr Holly Tett, Paws Up Dogs HCPC registered Clinical Psychologist (PYL35140)

(A member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (UK). Membership No: 01432)

Investment Options

You have a few options when you jump into Puppy Parenting 101 today


£ 227 X 2


£ 113
X 4


£ 75
X 6


Eight whole weeks of 1:1 instant messenger support with me (normally £250/month on it’s own!)

Message me any time with all your puppy questions, training questions and for support when you are tearing your hair out! 

I am available Monday-Friday 9am-7pm British time and will always get back to you within 24 hours during those times!

Plus You’ll Also Get An Incredible 
 Additional Bonus when you ENROLL TODAY! 8 whole weeks of 1:1 support from me via instand messenger

Bonus 1: Step by step zoning video guide (£99 .00 value)

Teach your dog how to LOVE going to their bed (and staying there) without needing to say “stay”, be in eyesight or bribe them with food! Perfect for when guests arrive, delivery drivers come to the door, you want to sweep the floor, or even just to eat in peace!

Bonus 2: Blitz Puppy Biting Workshop (Value: Priceless!)

Learn everything you need to stop puppy biting with kindness, EVEN when you’ve already tried everything!

Enjoy spending time with your pup rather than having to cut short interaction because the teeth come out!


Bonus 3: The Adventures of Squid! (£297 value)

Since getting my puppy at 8 weeks I filmed every single confidence and socialisation exercise that I’ve done with her as well as how I’ve managed unwanted behaviours and emphasised good ones. I’ve edited it all into a collection of short “how to” clips that you can implement with your own puppy!

Bonus 4: Total Toilet Training Workshop (£39.99 value)

This workshop and guide not only walks you through my tried and tested toilet training method but also how to spot potential times it might be harder for your pup so you can get ahead of the game!


Bonus 5: The Socialisation Stepping Stones (£39.99 value)

How to socialise “right” is something that causes owners a lot of stress. There seem to be all sorts of rules and checklists and it can all be a bit overwhelming. This bonus workbook breaks it down into an easy to accomplish plan and dispels many of the myths you’ll find online or at the dog park!

Bonus 6: I love my crate! (£39.99 value)

Crate training is an invaluable training aid to protect your puppy from chewing or eating things they shouldn’t when you can’t watch them. It’s also great for helping with overnight toilet training and for calm time during the day!

Learn my step by step strategy here

Bonus 7: The Puppy Calmness Project (£69.99 value)

Having a calm dog underpins everything. Loose lead walking, recall, being chilled when guests come to the home, being settled rather than constantly asking for attention, choosing relaxation over barking….the list goes on!

This amazing bonus talks through the things we can do to help our dogs to feel calmer and the strategies we can teach them to initiate on their own.

Bonus 8: Help For Pups Scared Of Their Harness Workshop (£39.99 value)

Does your puppy run away when you get the harness out? LOTS of puppies struggle with this. This workshop shows you some really fun games to take away the daily harness battle!

Get started with Puppy Parenting 101 today!

You might be thinking “well of course the training works for YOU, you’re a dog trainer”

I am a dog trainer now and I love sharing my connection formula with other puppy parents. However, this all started because of my own little rascal and the many challenges that he brought up for me.

This lovely lad was full of love but we really struggled with training. He was hyper 23 hours of the day, he stole everything within paw height, counter surfed, pulled on the lead, barked at other dogs, mouthed HARD and was generally as mischievous as a sprite!

I took him to puppy classes, adolescent classes, googled every term imaginable and had MANY a sleepless night.

I came to realise though, that we just didn’t understand each other, there was a break in the connection. And although he bounced around and wagged his tail whenever I came in the room it was more an anxious excitement than evidence of a trusting and secure bond.

The Five Step Magic Formula that you’ll learn in Puppy Parenting 101 turned that around and now we have a wonderful partnership that I hope will continue for many years to come.

Since Riggs, I’ve used the magic formula (that you’ll find in the programme modules) for all my puppies and my clients’ puppies and seen wonderful results, so I know it can work for you too.

So, Let’s Recap!

When you join Puppy Parenting 101 you get access to the 8 PP101 training modules (available from 1st April, 2024) - videos, workshops and exercises that will really strengthen your connection with your puppy and sky rocket your training success! (All for just £397)

Is Puppy Parenting 101 right for me?

Here are the answers to some common questions

(Don’t see your question? Reach out to our team by sending an email to [email protected])

Time is precious! Fortunately each of the training games are designed to be played for under 2 mins a day. You also have access to the course for as long as it exists (hopefully a very long time) so can work through it at your leisure.

The great thing about this course is that it offers “real life training”. Rather than just teaching “sit”, “down”, “stay” like a lot of classes do, Puppy Parenting 101 is designed to tackle some of those real-life struggles and to set your puppy up for success. You also get access to personalised training on the live coaching calls and in the members group group so I can offer solutions to the difficulties you might be having with your pup, when you need them. You won’t be on your own with training


You get direct access to me Monday –  Friday via private messenger support. By the end of the course you’ll feel really confident about how to tackle training challenges with ease

Working as a dog trainer both online and face to face I can attest that 100% of the adult dogs I work with that have more challenging behaviour problems such as aggression, are lacking some of the basic skills taught in Puppy Parenting 101. It’s worth the investment now rather than forking out a lot more for behavioural work in the future.

All the dogs you will see in the training videos are puppies, most of which I had never trained with before when we filmed. The training games are so simple to teach that you will see some easy wins with your dog in no time


Put simply, Puppy Parenting 101 shows you exactly how to achieve wonderful results with your dog training and a life-long bond without the need for any special equipment, unkind or aversive methods or months and months of stress.

No! Your training videos are for you..to keep track of your progress. If you WANT to post them, please be my guest but it’s not a requirement

So much! You can message me Monday- Friday and except a response within 24 hours. Plus there is an entire troubleshooting module in the programme!

Not at all! Firstly, I’ve worked with 1000s of puppies by this point, so I can provide advice based off of your description alone. Also, even if I WAS working with you face to face, I wouldn’t want to put a puppy into a situation where they feel uncomfortable in order to see the unwanted behaviour. That’s unethical. Instead I would want to help you to work with them below that anxiety threshold in order to see positive change.
We have a 30 day guarantee in place. If after 30 days you are not seeing progress with your puppy, simply email Judy (head of customer support on our team at [email protected]) with evidence of your puppy playing at least one game from each module and we will gladly refund your money. We ask for evidence simply because the programme will only work if you log in and use it.

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