Puppy Training Magic: Free Training!

Learn my 5 step formula so puppyhood is less overwhelming and more fun!

In this live training you’ll learn:

  • Simple, fun training games that you can do right away with your pup!

  • How to understand & reduce frustrating behaviours without punishing your puppy

  • How to teach your pup to WANT to listen to you by building a solid relationship of trust and meeting all their needs

Hi, I’m Holly (clinical psychologist and dog behaviourist), and at Paws Up Dogs we have three golden rules:

  1. Be Kind

  2. Be Fun

  3. Achieve an amazing bond with your pup

Everyone has an opinion when it comes to training a puppy and so much conflicting advice can be confusing.

Together we’ll focus on all the key skills needed to make a great start.

The 5 Steps To Puppy Training Magic Free Training is the blueprint to start tackling all those puppy challenges and start connecting with that amazing adult dog you’ve always dreamed of.

Together, we’ll teach your pup to listen when you ask them to do something but most of all how to bond & build an amazing connection together.

From frustration to fun!

Thank you so much Holly – Chase and I had a blast! I can’t believe we learnt so much in just an hour!


Sarah and Chase

This training will be taking place live on zoom on Wednesday 20th MArch at 6.30pm GMT (it’s recorded if you can’t make it live)

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