Learn how to support your dog’s 'reactivity', with a trauma informed approach, so that you both can heal together

Develop an in depth understanding of how to work with (and not against) your dog’s past trauma, and also your own. Adapt your training so you both feel calmer, more in control of your emotions & able to feel safe in the presence of fear triggers.

Step by step training and guidance to learn and understand:

    • The psychological processes at play for your dog..and yourself

    • How to co-regulate your emotions so you both feel better

    • How to make an individualised plan of recovery for you and your dog

Not Just Learning About Why Your Dog Is Struggling, But The Exact Steps Needed To Overcome Your Current Difficulties

Learn how to support your dog, how to motivate yourself to do the training AND how to manage your own anxieties too!

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The truth is that parenting your reactive dog can be hard work and it can feel totally overwhelming. 

Lots of dog parents find themselves in tears on more than one occasion, or feel so frustrated that they accidentally raise their voice at their dog, or tug too hard on the lead, without meaning to. 

If you’re anything like the clients that come to me for help, you want your dog to have the best possible life with you, however, understanding their quirks and triggers can be difficult sometimes, leading to stress on both ends of the lead. 

I’ve been there myself with my own dog, so I know how this can take a toll on your relationship together and your own emotional wellbeing, leading to stress, worry or depression.

At The Reactive Dog Support Camp, we care about the emotional wellbeing of your dog AND YOU TOO.

This is why we work in a Trauma Informed Way – taking note of how past experiences might be making you and your dog feel worse, and finding simple, practical ways to feel better.

"Training Mode" vs. The Real World

Do you have a dog that can do things pretty well when you’re training at home but struggles to use those skills in the real world?

This is such a common struggle for dog parents and it’s not that you’re doing training “wrong”. It’s not even just adding in distractions that makes things harder for your dog.

It’s just that there’s a really important ingredient that is so often missed when you attend a class, or watch a demo video online.

And that is co-regulating yours and your dogs emotions, so that you both feel emotionally and physically safe in the moment when you’re actually trying to train. 

Let’s take a couple of examples….

If you have a dog that barks out of the window at passersby and every time it happens you jump out of your skin, with a heart pounding anxiety response, you’re not going to be in a great place emotionally to support that dog 

Or, let’s say you have a dog that barks at other dogs on lead. You want to go out and train but they are quite clearly telling you with their body language that they aren’t feeling up to venturing out today. We CANNOT expect that dog to cope when they see another dog. They aren’t in a place to be able to do that.


  1. Identify the past traumas for you and your dog that are impacting your emotional wellbeing and holding you back in your training

  2. Develop a toolkit of co-regulation exercises to help you both to prepare for facing a trigger and recover from seeing a trigger

  3. Understand your dog’s communication and needs, so that you can gently support them to overcome their triggers & lower frustration on both sides

  4.  Translate what you are doing together in training sessions to real life situations

Because when you don’t have a trainer living in your house to give you individualised advice (as most of us don’t!) trying to figure it all out on your own can mean progress is SLOW.

It can also lead to a very serious and compulsive condition known as MGS “midnight google scroll” for dog training answers and that’s not fun for anyone!

There’s no need for the MGS when you can attend a week teaching session (live or recorded) and then check in with any questions you have during the week

The Reactive Dog Support Camp is more than just a few training sessions.

Instead, it’s individualised support when you need it, with a clear Road Map to take you and your dog from where you are now, to where you want to be, with both your training & your relationship! Moving away from struggles, stress and frustration and towards fun, progress and success!

But more than that, The Camp is about feeling part of a community of dog parents that are helping their dogs to truly heal..and healing themselves along the way.

Tell me if any of these sound familiar….

  • Your dog does great at training outside of the scary situation, but it all goes wrong in the “real world”

  • You have real concern that at some point you might drop the lead and your dog will run into the road, or hurt another animal or person

  • You worry that this just won’t get better..or even that it will get worse over time, you won’t cope and that you and your dog’s world will become even smaller

  • You feel upset that your dog isn’t getting a life of freedom and the things they deserve, because their anxiety is holding you both back and you grieve the life you thought you would have with your dog

  • You’ve argued with a partner, friend or family member about the best way to support your dog

  • Your dog is a wonderful, sweet, kind soul and you just want them to be ok but you aren’t sure how to help

Introducing Reactive Dog Support Camp!

The Programme Is…

Your complete blueprint to to healing you and your dog from reactivity. 

It includes:

Reactive Dog Support Camp is Pretty Special...

But don't take my word for it...Here's what some of our successful students have to say

“OK, how much is the investment for the programme?”

I know that making an investment into a new programme can feel scary, especially if you’ve tried lots of other things before with your dog. 

I try to take the worry out of that decision by providing a 14 day guarantee (from the start of the programme) to protect your investment. Try out a couple of weeks of the programme and if it’s not for you, we will refund you, no questions asked!

We also have lots of instalment options if you’d prefer to spread the payment a little. Can’t find something that works below? Just email us ([email protected]) and will endeavour to make you a custom plan.

The Reactive Dog Support Camp offers something a little bit different from other courses, because you’ll be learning how to support your own emotional wellbeing as you learn, as well as your dog’s.

As a dual-trained human clinical psychologist and dog behaviourist, I feel in a unique position to be able to support both ends of the lead in a way that works for you. 

There is a heck of a lot baked into The Reactive Dog Support Camp and you can have access to all that amazing guidance and unrivalled support for just £397 (that’s less than the cost of a single behavioural consultation in lots of cases. Calculated at a session by session rate, it’s just £33 a session – half our usual workshop price   (and that’s without the additional support!) 

Need more time? A 2,4 & 6 instalment option is available. Just email us at [email protected]

You’ll get to keep access to the materials permanently, so you can check in and let me know how you’re getting on at any point as well.

Investment Options

You have a few options when you jump into Reactive Dog Camp Today

Reactive Dog Support Camp FULL Pay

  • Full 12 week programme with individualised support

Reactive Dog Support Camp TWO Instalments

£ 198
  • Full 12 week programme with individualised support

Reactive Dog Support Camp Four Instalments

£ £99
  • Full 12 week programme with individualised support

Plus as a bonus gift, for everyone who joins on DAY ONE (29th March), you'll also get a bonus individual 30min digital training session with me​

So, Let’s Recap!

When you join The Reactive Dog Support Camp you get 12 weeks of training sessions (that you can watch live or on reply) so that you and your dog can start to heal from reactivity

Is Reactive Dog Support Camp right for me?

Here are the answers to some common questions

(Don’t see your question? Reach out to our team by sending an email to [email protected])

Time is precious! You’ll need to invest some time into getting a thorough understanding of the concepts and we provide video guidance to help with this. You’ll also get lifetime access to the programme so can take it at your pace and re-visit whenever you like

In my experience, in-person training classes are not usually great environments for reactive dogs to learn and you often get little to no support inbetween classes, unlike the camp, which protects your dog’s emotional wellbeing and also yours (and gives you support between sessions!)

Your other members will be with you on the calls and also in the support group if you choose to join. There’s nothing like the support of someone else in the trenches!

I have complete faith that the skills you will learn inside Reactive Dog Support Camp will help you and your dog. That is why we take the risk of investing away by giving you a 14 day money back guarantee

The weekly calls will take place on zoom (we can help you get set up with zoom if needed). There is an optional facebook support group to join, but you can equally get support on the calls, so it is an add on and not the main part of the programme. All teaching is done via zoom

I can’t vouch for other training programmes, but put simply, The Reactive Dog Support Camp shows you exactly how to heal reactivity for you and your dog without the need for any special equipment, unkind or aversive methods, or undue stress. We care about you and your dog and want to be there for you every step of the way

Yes, of course. You can split the payment in up to 6 installments and we don’t charge extra for this. The 14 day guarantee still applies

Here’s what I know…

There’s nothing more powerful than being in an environment with other people who are doing the same thing.. because all it takes is one idea to spark the “breakthrough”. It’s never too late to start.

Still got questions? We’re here for you – just drop an email over to [email protected]

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