Riggs Story


Riggs’ Story

Mr Riggs is one of the best dogs in the world.

Riggs came to live with us at six months old and hadn’t had brilliant beginnings. He’d learnt a few tricky behaviours including learning how to BARK (loudly) and was terrified to be left alone, even in another room. He was frightened in new places and suspicious of loud noises, new people and dogs. He was also a cuddle monster, super eager to please and a big (heavy) bundle of puppy energy!

We started with the basics, teaching him his name, how to sit and lie down and all the other things we thought he should learn how to do. What we soon came to realise though was that all Riggs wanted and needed to feel was safe and able to trust us. Once we had that great foundation there was no limit to what he could learn. And he WANTED to learn because he trusted us to teach him. Together we learnt how to overcome Riggs’ worries step by step and allowed our training to be led by him. It’s wonderful to see the confident boy he is today and he is still one of the best dogs in the world…just like your dog is.

This takes us back to the Paws Up Dogs philosophy – relationship is everything.

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