Specialised Behavioural Workshops

Do you have a specific difficulty you are working through with your dog? Register for one of our specialised workshops and get a headstart on your training!


Workshop 1:

How To Support Your Anxious Dog To Feel More Comfortable

There are no quick fixes when we are working with emotion and that’s often why typical training plans don’t work for anxious dogs.

In this workshop we discuss:

– How to work with the emotion rather than ignoring it

– How to help your dog to feel calmer and less vigilant 

  • – Comes with demo of training techniques to help

Workshop 2:

Connecting with your dog through distractions

Do you ever find it hard to connect with your dog when they are distracted by the environment? There can be so many factors that contribute to this!

In this workshop we discuss:

Understanding the hidden factors that are impacting your dog’s distraction level

-Your role as your dog’s guardian when it comes to managing distractions

– Simple and fun games and techniques that you can do with your dog to help!

Workshop 3:

How To Get Anything Done In A Multiple Dog Household

It can sometimes feel impossible to do any kind of training, or even play with one dog when all the others want to get involved too!

The good news there are lots of things we can do to make it easier living with multiple dogs

In this workshop we discuss:

– Hacks to make training and living with multiple dogs a lot easier! (Hint: It’s not just about shutting them behind a baby gate!)

Comes with demo of training techniques to help

Workshop 4:

Working with ageing dogs: How to keep the mind active when the body is slowing down

It can be difficult for us humans to accept when our canine friend starts to show their age. The thing is that it’s difficult for them too as their mind may still be active, even if their body is not.

In this workshop we discuss:

– How to support your dog emotionally and physically as they age

-Comes with demo of training games to play with your dog

Workshop 5:

Recall secrets for pet parents

“How to teach a good recall?” is one of my top asked questions year round and that’s because we all want to keep our dogs physically safe in the outside world.

In this workshop we discuss:

– Common recall pitfalls that most people fall into

– How to balance physical and emotional needs in the outside world

– My top tips for perfecting a recall

– Comes with training demos

Workshop 6:

How to welcome guests to your home without the carnage

Lots of dogs struggle to have guests in the home, either from excitement, anxiety or a bit of both!

In this workshop we discuss:

– How to help your dog to feel calmer around guests

– Pitfalls to avoid when using creating a safe space for your dog

Comes with demo of training techniques to help

Workshop 7:

How to enjoy calm, quiet, car journeys

There are lots of reasons that dog bark, whine, or are generally unsettled when travelling in the car..but it can be hard to live a life where you avoid the car completely!

In this workshop we discuss:

– The varying reasons for car distress

– Different techniques you can try according to your dog’s individual reason for disliking the car

Comes with case study discussion

Workshop 8:

How to motivate YOURSELF to train with your dog

Staying motivated, especially when you are working through some difficulties with your dog is REALLY HARD. Life is super busy at the best of times and training can start to feel like a chore.

In this workshop we discuss:

– The main pitfalls to avoid when it comes to staying motivated

– My top tips (taken from human psychology) to help you stay motivated and making progress with your dog

Comes with demo of techniques to help

Workshop 9:

Relaxed lead walking...a how to guide

We want our dogs to enjoy their walks, to sniff and explore and play. Most of us would also prefer that our shoulder doesn’t get dislocated in the process!

In this workshop we discuss:

– The pitfalls to watch out for when teaching relaxed lead walking

– Techniques to make the process easier without taking away your dog’s enjoyment

– Comes with training demonstrations

Workshop 10:

How To Apply Your Dog's Training To Real Life Situations

Lots of dog guardians really struggle to make the transitions from teaching their dog something in the living room and then making use of it in a real life situation. Together, we’ll talk through exactly how to make that “transfer” from training to real life, pitfalls to look out for and some real life examples that you can apply to your dog and yourself!

Workshop 11:

Help For Dogs That Struggle To Settle

Lots of dogs that I work with find it almost impossible to come down from stress or excitement in certain situations and it can be incredibly difficult for the dog and the human caregiver(s).

If you’ve tried all the usual things like kongs, chews and place training but are still struggling, in this workshop I’ll share the exact steps I took to help my own dog, Riggs and now many of my students in the same position.

Workshop 12:

A Fresh Look At "Demand Barking"

A one off specialised workshop to tackle the concept of ’demand barking’ .

Together we’ll take a fresh look at WHAT your dog might be trying to say to you and most importantly how to help them, so that everyone feels less stressed.

Workshop 13:

"Over-Reactivity" Solutions Workshop

Practical help and emotional support for dogs that are easily over-stimulated or frightened by triggers in the environment.

Workshop 14:

Helping Your Rehomed Dog Feel Safe & Confident

To rehome a dog is a GIFT to you both. It makes sense though that sometimes adjusting to a new life together can come with it’s challenges.

In this workshop we discuss:

    • How to help a rehomed dog feel comfortable in their new life
    • How to help a dog with previous trauma recover

Comes with a demo of training techniques to help and listen in Q&A sesh!

Workshop 15:

Cracking Toilet Training

Toilet Training is just like anything else in dog training…individual. Yes, there are general principles that we follow but sometimes we need to tweak things to your individual dog.

In this workshop we discuss:

  • My exact blueprint for toilet training success!
  • When toilet training goes wrong and how to get back on track
  • Comes with a case study discussion and listen in Q&A sesh!

Workshop 16:

Puppy Biting Solutions Workshop

My most popular workshop that explains all the common pitfalls to avoid and shows you exactly how to stop your puppy from using their teeth on your skin/clothes/kids and guests. This best bit is that the training is fun..for you and your pup!

Workshop 17:

Helping Dogs That Run Away From Their Harness

  •  Practical, actionable steps to help your dog to learn to love their harness, not run away from it!
  • One hour workshop with training demo and additional listen in Q&A at the end

Workshop 18:

Stress Barking & How To Help

Living with a dog that barks at what feels like EVERYTHING can feel very difficult. Especially when you know that the constant barking isn’t just frustrating for you…but stressful for your dog too.

In this workshop we discuss:

    • The real reason your dog is barking excessively
    • How to help them to feel calmer and less alert

Comes with a demo of training techniques to help and listen in Q&A sesh!

Workshop 19:

Resource Guarding & How To Help

Resource Guarding is no joke. A dog that feels anxious enough to guard their toys/food/spaces/people/other items is STRESSED and there is a bite risk to whomever the dog is guarding from.

The good news is we can help our dogs to feel better.

In this workshop we discuss:

    • Type of guarding and why dogs do it
    • How to help whilst keeping everyone safe

Comes with a demo of training techniques to help and listen in Q&A sesh!

Workshop 20:

Separation Anxiety & How To Help

Living with a dog with separation anxiety can feel like a permanent lockdown. Lots of pet parents tell me they are desperate to help their dogs feel better.

The truth of the matter is that separation anxiety training is BORING training BUT it also has a high success rate if done in the right way

In this workshop we discuss:

    • Specific separation anxiety case studies
    • How to apply the scientific knowledge that we have about the disorder to practical in home training

Comes with discussion of key skills to learn and listen in Q&A sesh!

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