The five day enrichment challenge – Day 4!

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The five day enrichment challenge – Day 4!

Hi guys!




Only two more enrichment challenge days left!



I really hope your dogs have been having a wonderful time with the enrichment games. I just wanted to give a quick shout out to those dogs who are a little anxious or shy though – I have had the pleasure of owning one of these dogs…


You have seen me working with Riggs this week and hopefully his passion to work and play comes through.



When he first came to live with us this was a totally different picture and he would have run and hid from a lot of these activities. The key is to take it really, really, reallllyyyy slowly  and at your dog’s pace, not your own. Today’s game is a great one for those anxious dogs and a brilliant basis for recall and loose lead walking for ALL dogs. I play it from puppyhood right up until old age.



The secret tip behind this game and many others that we play at Paws Up Dogs is living a BOWL FREE LIFE. So in the morning instead of chucking my dog’s food allowance in a bowl, I measure out what they need for the day and I use it in training, rewarding good behaviour and in bonding games (exactly like we will see with today’s game). If I have any allowance at the end of the day?? Well, we’ll talk about that tomorrow!


So….. onto DAY FOUR! Today’s game is……








Have some fun with this one – at first your dog may wonder what’s going but they will catch on pretty quickly!


Do let me know how you get on in the comments or post your pics and videos in the facebook group!


Holly x


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