The ultimate guide to keeping your dog cool in hot weather

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The ultimate guide to keeping your dog cool in hot weather

With the heat wave showing no signs of relenting, it’s important we know how to keep our furry friends cool in the hot weather.

Some dogs love a sunbathe and that’s fine so long as shade and water are available and they know when they are getting too hot and it’s time to move out of the sun. If they don’t know their own limits like one of our pups, Riggs, then give them a helping hand. Know your dog’s own restrictions such as breed or medical status and protect them accordingly.

Examples of dogs at particular risk of over-heating include: flat-faced breeds such as pugs, older dogs, giant breeds, dogs with certain medical conditions and thick-coated breeds.

So let’s check out 8 top tips for keeping your dog cool!

  1. Keep their water topped up and also pop ice cubes in your pup’s water bowl to cool it down a few degrees (consider appropriate size, shape and supervision if you have a puppy or a very small breed). Also offer ice to chew on after being outside (roll it around in your hand for a few seconds first – we don’t want anyone getting ice stuck to their tongue!
  2. Stuff a kong or squirrel buddy with treats or their dinner and freeze for a few hours. Get creative with recipes! Chewing on one of these is great mental stimulation AND cools them down – perfect!


  1. Spray a towel with cold water for them to lie on or pop a non-toxic dog cooling mat down (you can get these in most pet stores or online)
  2. Run your hand under the tap and rub a little cool (not icy) water on your pup’s tummy and paws. Dogs cool from the bottom up so it’s good to start here (only do this if your pup is happy having their tummy and paws touched)
  3. If you have space for a paddling pool, these are another great (and fun) way to keep dogs cool – even if they do mean a bit of clearing up for us! Swimming is also great exercise if it’s too hot for a long walk.


  1. On the topic of walks, try to go out first thing or later in the evening when it’s cooler and if the sun is still hot stick to shaded or wooded areas. Somewhere where there is safe water to swim in is fab too. Take some drinking water with you for a brief pit stop


  1. If you pup has long hair keep them well groomed so any excess hair isn’t weighing them down
  2. We all know the dangers of hot cars so of course don’t leave your dog in one, but also consider keeping blinds or curtains drawn at home if you are heading out for a few hours and the sun will be shining in on your pup through the window


Have a wonderful summer with your doggo! Enjoy the lovely weather and have fun with some of these tips.



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