This Free Training Is For You If..

You Ever Feel Totally Overwhelmed As A Dog Parent

If any of these sound familiar, then you're in the right place:

  • You want to make progress with your dog but it always feels like there SO MUCH to work on, that you don’t know where to start
  • You do an awful lot of reading and / or watching training guidance videos but not a lot of ‘doing’ with your dog
  • With juggling so many responsibilities each week it can be hard to find time to devote to working with your dog
  •  You actually get down to doing something with your dog but realise 5 mins in that you don’t really have a plan or know what you’re looking to teach

During This Training You Will Learn:

  • Common mistakes to avoid when feeling overwhelmed, so that you don’t make it worse for yourself!
  • Some easy to action ways to combat stress and overwhelm
  • How to plan your dog training so that it feels manageable and you can start making profess together

This session is run by a Registered Clinical Psychologist and it's all pre-recorded so you don't need to stress about timings and can watch at your leisure

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