Agility Training

Currently our agility training is only available locally (Bromley, UK)

We only offer one to one agility training for dogs that are new to the sport and here’s why:

  • Agility is a physically and mentally demanding sport – not just for your dog, but also for you! Having other dogs in the class can be very distracting to your dog and make it hard for them to learn
  • Because of the very stimulating environment of a group class, often our dogs make lots of mistakes, whereas for training to go more smoothly, we want instead, to set the environment up for your dog to succeed! This is much more achievable in a one to one setting
  • Dogs (and their handlers) all learn at different rates. One to one training allows your dog to progress at their speed, not to be pushed or held back by other dogs in the class
  • And finally, one to one training allows for dog reactive, anxious dogs or anxious handlers to attend agility without fear!

Once you and your dogs have grasped the basics of agility you will be invited to join one of our group sessions (you may continue with 1:1 training if you prefer)

Training is held outside at Frogpool Manor Farm, BR7 6HD, appointments available day times and evenings during the week

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