9 ways to get my support with your dog...

Register for some 1:1 support or join one of my programmes!

A choice of programmes to build on your relationship with your dog and help you to overcome difficulties together

Support for a wide range of training and behaviour needs with a special focus on anxious dogs, separation anxiety and puppies

Get personalised, in-depth support to work with your dog or puppy to achieve goals or overcome difficulties. All force-free and trauma informed so the confidence and enjoyment of your dog (and you!) are the focus.

Monthly or annual training membership with weekly resources, group support and accountability!

Take your connection with your dog to the next level within our friendly community of like-minded dog guardians.

8 week digital puppy training programme with direct week day support for personalised questions about your pup!

Step by step guidance and individualised support to help you and your puppy progress, without spending hours every day training, or becoming overwhelmed with an endless “to do” list.


Unlimited week day access to Holly via instant messenger to ask all and any training and behaviour questions, formulate a plan and share videos for feedback.

Psychological therapy for you & therapeutic support for your dog

If you are struggling with your own mental health it can be hard to support your dog fully. We will meet for two separate 60 min initial assessments, one for you and one for your dog. Follow up support will be discussed at the end of these sessions.

Psychological support suitable for those experiencing: trauma, depression, anxiety, addiction, phobia, eating disorders, psychosis, personality disorder and bipolar disorder.

Teach your dog to walk calmly without sacrificing their needs

Self study programme with added 1:1 support to achieve a calm and relaxing walk with you and your dog.

1:1 Individualised Support For Your Dog's Separation Anxiety

Initial Trauma Informed Separation Anxiety Consultation, full training plan and emotional support for you as the caregiver.

Informative yet accessible workshops focusing on a particular dog training topic

Pre-recorded for your convenience and with a range of topics available, take a deep dive into understanding a particular dog behaviour a little better and learn how to apply your knowledge to helping your own dog

Fill your brain with world class knowledge from expert trainers and behaviourists

Our annual conference is world renowned and popular with guardians and trainers alike with a fresh look at a loving, living and working with our beloved dogs

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