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If you’re anything like me, then you started your business because you care deeply for dogs and their people, you have an important message to share and you believe in protecting our four legged friends from being “trained” with unkind methods.

The reality of running your own training business, however, does not come without challenges. Whether you face difficulties with managing admin, getting clients to stick to a training plan/complete all sessions, knowing how to grow, automate or market your business, or feeling under-confident with the many different training needs out there, I can help.

The Trauma Informed Dog Practitioner Programme

Help Your Clients Stay The Course With Training

Understanding how the trauma history of the dog, the human caregivers and you, the professional, impacts your work together is THE most common missing ingredient in a successful dog training business. 

Certified programme!

Get peer supervision, support and guidance from others who "get it"

Working as a dog pro takes it’s toll sometimes! We need the support of our peers both practically, emotionally and most importantly confidentially. 

Get case discussions, emotional support and business guidance all in one place! Run by a qualified clinical psychologist & dog behaviourist

Kick your business off in the RIGHT way, knowing you have all the building blocks you need to succeed!

Four pre-recorded workshops designed to help you lock in your niche once and for all, ensure you have all your business “must haves” in place, learn how to structure and price your offers and then how to market them and build your customer base!

Stop procrastinating and set yourself up for that 5,6 or 7 figure year...finally!

Together we will get complete clarity on your business plan for the next 6 months. Build a strategy to ensure you reach the goals you have set and then some!

Your Roadmap Session

Four weeks of pure accountability to push your business forward like never before

Intensive 4 week coaching experience with weekly zooms and weekday whatsapp support from Holly. You’re going to learn how to structure your business to work for you.

Scale your business to 6,7 or even 8 figures with this high touch 1:1 coaching experience.

This high value 6 or 12 month programme gives you access to all of my programmes and memberships, direct weekday 1:1 support and monthly zoom calls. If you’re ready to put your business into the next gear and really go for what you want this year, this is the programme for you.

Fill your brain with world class knowledge from expert trainers and behaviourists

Our annual conference is world renowned and popular with guardians and trainers alike with a fresh look at loving, living and working with our beloved dogs

What Our Course & 1:1 Students Are Saying...



I’ve just finished the Trauma Informed Dog Practitioner Programme and Holly, once again, you blew my mind! I will be a life long student of your courses. 

I initially thought this would just be a course about trauma in dogs, and it has helped hugely with my knowledge there. However, the depth you go into when it comes to working in a trauma informed way with our human clients is amazing.

The section about making our own business trauma informed to look after ourselves though, was incredible and really made me think about the way I have been letting myself down in that regard and how I can change things. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!



Thanks for a great week, Holly. That business workshop was awesome.

I found “MY People” by working with you…a whole family of GSD owners switching from punitive to force free training with love. It started a few weeks ago with 1 family member, today was a sister, and parents will soon be seeking help too!

My people, my breed…and I’m loving my job!



Holly, I’ve just signed up for another 12 months of business coaching – I need you now lol! Honestly, I cannot thank you enough for the last year – with your help and expertise I’ve taken my business from $4,000 a year to $80,000! In a single year! I love how simply you break everything down, how you get me to challenge the thoughts and beliefs that are holding me back and your humour and kindness. I was scared to make such a big financial commitment, but as you can see, I’ve 8X the investment I made in your coaching. You’re a true wonder.

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