Training For Puppies And Adolescent Dogs

We have lots of options for puppies/adolescents, however, if you are looking for a recommendation we highly recommend Puppy Parenting 101

Online training for a young dog is superior to face to face training in our opinion and here’s why:

  • Face to face group classes are often set up for your puppy to fail. They can be loud, busy and make it hard for your puppy (and you!) to concentrate. Even having a 1:1 trainer in your home creates a “fake” scenario for your dog to learn in.
  • It is a common misconception that a young dog needs to “socialise” with other dogs. In fact you’re better off teaching a young dog to be neutral towards other dogs, or to quietly interact with a calm OLDER dog for short periods where appropriate, not with another pup that also lacks social skills! This is difficult for lots of dogs and teaching focus without other dogs around first is much easier on them
  • Because of the very stimulating environment of a face to face class, often our puppies make lots of mistakes, whereas for training to go more smoothly, we want instead, to set the environment up for your dog to succeed! This is much more achievable at home.


Pre-puppy Pep Talk

Getting a puppy can be nerve wracking, whether you’re a first time dog owner or it’s your first puppy in a long time!

Get your puppy’s life off to the best possible start with your intro session, where we talk you through everything you could possibly need to welcome your new addition.

We cover: Toilet training, crate training, bond building, puppy’s basic and advanced needs checklist, how to socialise in the right way, play, sleep, interaction, initial training, grooming, managing biting, setting your puppy up for success in your household, introducing your puppy to your other pets and / or children, exercise, teaching your puppy to feel safe alone and more!

Most importantly you get ALL of your questions answered!


Puppy Parenting 101

  • A self-paced course for everything you need puppy training!
  • Covering all the information and training demos you could ever need to get your puppy / adolescent off to a great start in life.
  • Take the training at your own pace, with 8 weeks of complimentary support (twice monthly live zoom chats and daily facebook group support available)
  • Learn how to set your dog up to succeed in their training
  • Teach your dog how to feel confident in a range of situations so you can take them anywhere with you without fear
  • Create a rock solid bond together that will last a lifetime
  • Teach your dog fantastic focus skills, whatever the distraction!
  • Learn how to listen to your puppy’s communication and how also to communicate what you want from them in return. This will reduce the frustration you feel when it seems your pup just WON”T LISTEN even when it seems he KNOWS what you’re asking
  • Teach your puppy how to have an “off-switch”of a calmer household!
  • Teach a rock solid recall for a dog that WANTS to come back to you
  • And finally learn how to manage and help your dog with any unwanted “naughty” behaviours


One-to-One Puppy Training

Lots of people choose 1:1 training to supplement group training, or because they have some really specific goals they want to focus on with their puppy. One to one training allows for a much more puppy and family specific training plan too.

Book a single 60 min one to one session for some initial guidance or a puppy training boost

Book two sessions for some accountability and to ensure we have time to cover everything that you would like help with

Book a block of five for a good discount and ensure that you cover all the key skills to get your puppy’s training off to a great start. Practice each week and learn how to build on skills and learning as you go.

All training sessions come with video demonstration examples of skills taught.


Foundation Life Skills 6 Week Group Training

A six week digital introduction to training for puppies and dogs with little to no prior training

  • 6 X 45 min digital zoom sessions in a group with other dogs (and people!)
  • Our small group classes are based on building a fantastic bond with your pup. We focus on 4 key areas that help you to shape your puppy/older dog into a companion to be proud of. These are:
  • Confidence
  • Bond building
  • Learning to listen
  • Learning to make great choices
  • Within these 4 areas we will focus on key skills such as building a great recall, being comfortable with new things, loose lead walking, teaching a drop cue and many, many more.
  • Includes life skills resources pack and log in with video demonstration of techniques

Next Course Begins Tuesday 1st February @ 19:00 GMT


Intermediate Life Skills

A six week digital follow-on training for puppies and dogs that have completed our foundations life skills course.

We still focus on the 4 key areas seen in the Foundation Skills but further improve on:

  • 6 X 45 min digital zoom sessions in a group with other dogs (and people!)
  • Advanced Impulse Control in real life situations
  • Learning to listen in the face of distraction
  • How tricks can enhance your dog’s life
  • Scent work and intro to agility to work your dog’s brain!
  • Helping your dog to listen to you
  • Includes life skills resources pack and log in with video demonstration of techniques

Next Course Begins Tuesday 1st February @ 20:00 GMT


Cracking Toilet Training

Toilet Training is just like anything else in dog training…individual. Yes, there are general principles that we follow but sometimes we need to tweak things to your individual dog.

In this workshop we discuss:

  • My exact blueprint for toilet training success!
  • When toilet training goes wrong and how to get back on track
  • Comes with a case study discussion and listen in Q&A sesh!


Puppy Biting Solutions Workshop

My most popular workshop that explains all the common pitfalls to avoid and shows you exactly how to stop your puppy from using their teeth on your skin/clothes/kids and guests. This best bit is that the training is fun..for you and your pup!


Helping Dogs That Run Away From Their Harness

  •  Practical, actionable steps to help your dog to learn to love their harness, not run away from it!
  • One hour workshop with training demo and additional listen in Q&A at the end

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