Separation Anxiety Help

If your dog has separation anxiety, it can feel a lonely and isolating experience. 

Lots of people come to me for help when they feel exhausted with trying to help their dog feel more comfortable alone. 

The good news is that separation anxiety IS treatable, just so long as you can be consistent and dedicated with your plan to help your dog. 

We can make that plan together and the good news is that I don’t need to come to your home to be able to help you to help your dog. So whether you’re local to us in Bromley, UK or you live on the other side of the world…we can help!

Separation Anxiety & How To Help

Living with a dog with separation anxiety can feel like a permanent lockdown. Lots of pet parents tell me they are desperate to help their dogs feel better.

The truth of the matter is that separation anxiety training is BORING training BUT it also has a high success rate if done in the right way

In this workshop we discuss:

    • Specific separation anxiety case studies
    • How to apply the scientific knowledge that we have about the disorder to practical in home training

Comes with discussion of key skills to learn and listen in Q&A sesh!

Canine Connection: The Most Supportive Monthly Dog Training Membership Around!

Canine Connection has individualised support and training guidance for you and your dog, whether you’re working on recall or distraction proofing, calmness or greeting guests, trick training, separation anxiety, or confidence building, and much, much more!

But Canine Connection is more more than just a library of training exercises. 

Instead it’s a hub of knowledge with a clear road map to take you and your dog from where you are now, to where you want to be with both your training & your relationship!

Moving away from struggles, stress and frustration and towards fun, progress and success!

But more than that, the CC is about feeling part of a community of pet parents that have your back. Because training can feel lonely sometimes and we are always better together.